What’s New – Jun. 29, 2015

Greg Monroe is being more vocal on hos requirements going forward.

Monroe says he wants a team “ready to win” where he is “the missing piece of the puzzle”.  Monroe is from Louisiana and has said he would love the opportunity to return to New Orleans. Rumor has it he is also interested in The Knicks, Celts, Bucks and Blazers.  His hometown Pelicans havent shown much interest in the offensive minded big man.  Surprising with their Center a free agent and a young, athletic front court man on the roster.  Monroe spoke at his his own basketball camp in his native Louisiana.

The one bomb shell from Monroe’s little talk with reporters at his Summer Youth Camp was that he is looking for a two year deal with an opt out after one season.  Obviously this is to take advantage of the CBA changes coming up in the future.  A 2 year deal with non bird rights limits a team to 175% of his previous contract value if they need to go over the cap.  Of course you can always use cap space if available.  And it will be.

Monroe is just 25 years old so it doesnt surprise me that he is looking to maximize his earnings.  I wonder who will offer him a 2 year deal with a second year player option.  One of the ideas behind signing Monroe was that his 16 mil salary would look cheap in a couple years.  If he opts out after one year that negates that advantage.

According to NBA.com, Mavericks forward Al-Farouq Aminu will visit the Knicks and four other teams. The Celtics, Blazers, Raptors and Pelicans are on the list for the reserve who averaged 5.6 points and 4.6 rebounds in 18.5 minutes last season.   Kid is just 24 and has been in the NBA for 5 years now.

DeAndre Jordan will meet with the Clippers, Knicks, Lakers and Mavs reportedly also looking for a deal that will allow him to capture the new TV money in two years.



One thing people keep saying is that we should have taken Mudiay or WCS because they are more NBA ready. This is debatable of course but also we need to look at Zinger in context with Phil’s other, amazing move of the night…picking up Grant and getting rid of Hardaway. You want a PG who is more NBA ready…um, that’s Grant!

So Phil got rid of a dumb chucker who plays no D, got us a more NBA ready PG and picked the player with the most upside in the draft (he was projected a top 3 pick as far back as December when Russell was barely cracking the top 10).

You gotta look at the moves in context with each other. Sure Zinger is a “gamble” and will need more time to develop, but Grant is less of a gamble and can contribute right away (at least that is the hope). We need every position possible really.

Also picking up his teammate at the center position was a brilliant move. A year from now he would have been a mid to late first rounder but since he won’t join us for a year, Phil was able to snag him for 2 future second rounders. That is great bc we don’t have a first round draft pick next year. So Phil basically got us one for next year with Zinger’s teammate. So we’ll have him to throw into the mix next year.

Early might be a bust but he was injured a lot of his rookie year. And we got Thanis and the french dude still in development. Anyone who thinks Phil is only thinking win now hasn’t been paying attention to the moves he’s been making since he got here.

FA is where we can get some veteran or prime FA players who are more ready to contribute. Honestly, the teeth gnashing and negativity right now by some fans is super annoying because this is a very exciting time to be a Knick fan. I get that we won’t really know the results of all these moves until the games are played but the team is all ready starting to look a lot different than it did a year ago. I can’t wait till FA starts! I think Phil’s got another trick or two up his sleeve!