What’s New – Jun. 30, 2015

In less than 24 hours free agency will start,  July first at mid night teams can call players who have declared  free agency.

No contracts will be revealed until the league closes its books and declares the 2016 salary cap.  This usually takes a week.  Prepare for the rumor mill to be spinning fast and furious.  A record number of teams have a record amount of money available to pay free agents.  Every free agent year is different but usually you see the big names have multiple meetings and city visits.

theo Knicks have meetings scheduled with DeAndre Jordan, a greg Monroe and LaMarcus Aldridge, no word on Marc Gasol’s schedule yet.  Conventional wisdom says the Knicks are the front runners for Greg Monroe and Arron Afflalo.

Above all else let’s try to remember we are all interested in the same end.  Improve the team.  I look forward to the rumors.