What’s New – Mar. 31, 2016


There is clearly a communications breakdown.

Afflalo came here on a make good contract looking for some stability after playing on six teams over a 9 year career.   I think he was excited about reuniting with Melo and making a home in New York.

Im not sure if it was the pressure of performing in NY but after making the playoff “guarantee” he seemed to go off the rails.  I think he’s tremendously frustrated with his performance and is likely lashing out at Phil and Rambis – which is unfortunate.  There was no reason to post the cryptic instagram.

This seems to be Afflalo blaming anyone but himself for his play this year.  Phil didnt call him out by name but he had Afflalo in mind when he talked about some players not playing hard since the coaching change.  Remember PHIL is evaluating the players for their actions during this time.  And in fairness,  Afflalo has had his head in the clouds most of the year.  He has been about an inconsistent as any player I’ve ever seen.  If you want to be bored by numbers read the Journal piece above. ..  His play has been unacceptable.

I wonder if this is some grand scheme by PHIL to get AA to opt out of his player option for next year.  Moving him to a reserve role knowing how he’d react. Maybe things will work out for the best.  Either way PEACE AA!! NAMASTE