What’s New – May. 28, 2015

Well we have the Finals Pairing.   Cleveland vs Golden State.   One team hasnt been to the Finals in 40 years and the other has never won a championship.  It should be an epic championship series.  I hope for the sake of Basketball Related Income it goes seven games.

A lot of buzz in the comments and twitter about JR and Shump.   I get that fans feel edgy after the 17 win season and falling to the four pick in the draft.  But most of the same people who are now yelling “fleeced” were yelling to get rid of Shump and JR after we won 5 out of the first 30 games.

To compare the Mozgov trade to the JR trade in a vacuum is disingenuous at best. At the time Cleveland acquiring JR and Shump was  widely considered a panic move.  Cleveland was desperate for Mozgov. He was coached by the Cavs coach. The Cavs lost Varejao to injury and Kevin Love was hurt. They had ZERO post presence.  Plus Mozgov’s contract is very reasonable and there’s a TEAM option for next year at a rate about half the price of decent starting centers in the league.

JR and Shump were both hurt (whether they were faking it is on them).. Shump had a few good games but he was a RFA to be. JR was playing like dog crap and has the PLAYER option for next year.

I wish JR and Shump well and Im rooting for them. i had animosity towards JR for being too immature but I’m over it.   The off season is a time for optimism.  There is no time to feel broken hearted about players who have left our team and gone on to success.   I am rooting for the Cavs to win so JR and Shump can get a ring.  But I wont be mad if Steph Curry gets a ring either.

Quick word about concussions.   What Golden State’s doctors did two games in a row needs to be examined.   They let Steph Curry go out on the court after he clearly lost consciousness in a fall.  And in the close out game they let Klay Thompson back in the game after taking a shot to the head.  Klay got stitched in his ear and after the game seemed completely out of it and exhibited what I would describe as concussion symptoms.   I hope the doctors have the players well being as the first priority.  Maybe there needs to be some independent evaluations in game of players who receive head injuries.

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