What’s New – May. 29, 2015

Two Knicks tidbits from Chad Ford’s chat yesterday

Chad said that two sources told him the Knicks were strongly considering Willie Cauley Stein.  Ford also said that Justise Winslow had strong support in NY.  It makes sense considering that either Phil or a Knicks representative was at most Kentucky and Duke games this year.   Knicks scouts were also rumored to be regular at Kentucky practices.  That coupled with Phil’s comments that he will be focused on defense   Seems Phil is determined to build around the Super Star he signed last season – which is the right thing to do.  Could Phil to trade down and go after Winslow or Cauley Stein?  If D’Angelo Russel is there I would personally take him.  Phil has spoken highly of the young man and it cost him a tampering fine.

Lots of chatter from the nattering nabobs of negativism to trade Melo to the Lakers and “fully rebuild” with a “10 year window”.  Not sure how it makes sense to trade melo to the Lakers for Jordan Hill, Julius Randle and the second pick.  For me you’d have to include much more for a deal to make sense.   The Orlando Magic got THREE first round picks AND five players for Dwight Howard. The OKC Thunder,  in what is widely considered a fleece, got two first rounders, a second and two players.

For me to be interested in trading a valuable asset like Carmelo Anthony I would need at least three first round picks and a young player with major upside plus you are going to have to fit Calderon into the deal to make the rebuild “complete”.

The NY Rangers play a Game Seven tonight in Madison Square Garden.  8PM on NBC Sports Network.   Knicks fans can look to the Rangers as an example of how Dolan runs a team when he has confidence in the management he has hired.   Glen Sather,  President of the Rangers, is a hockey’s version of Phil Jackson.   Sather won FOUR Stanley Cups with Edmonton and came to NY in 2000.   Sather operates with complete autonomy as Rangers President and GM and spends part of his time in NY and part in Edmonton Alberta.   At 71 years old he shows no signs of slowing down and loves Hockey and being involved in the team.

Phil, at 69 years of age coming off a two year sabbatical from the game, is re energized for the challenge he accepted in NYC.   We need to all relax, give the man his space and let him operate.

In other news the Bulls fired Tom Thibodeau.  Jeff Van Gundy took to the airwaves to describe the way Thibs was treated as “downright viscous” and said the Bulls had a long history of treating people poorly.  The Bulls will likely hire college coach Fred Hoiberg and wait for Thibs to get another job so they can recoup some of the money they owe him.  Hoiberg will certainly command less than Thibodeau.  Watch your back Fred!

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