What’s New – May. 30, 2015

Live for the now.. for tomorrow may not come.

NO Basketball til thursday..

Time to get out an enjoy the Summer.

Props to the Rangers on a great season that ended in the Eastern Conference Finals.  There is nothing wrong with what the Rangers accomplished.  It was quite a ride for Rangers fans.

Some may say Fanatics live for winning a Championship.  I say Fanatics live for the Close Out Game. Championships are few and far between for 99.99% of sports fans.   But each team in the playoffs gets a close out game.  Whether it’s the thrill of a Game 7 or being 3-1 either way you know your sports life is on the line.   You go through the WHOLE day thinking about how many hours to go until the game starts. You obsess with every nuance of discussion that whole period leading up then you enter battle with YOUR team.  Then during the game you intently watch every second.. The trill of victory and the agony of defeat where one lives on Close Out Day.

Any time you get to root for your team in a Close Out game it’s a successful season.  If you end up on the losing end you pick yourself up, commiserate with your fandom and move on.. That’s Sport.  It’s not all drinking champagne out of hot tubs and parades.

Good season Blue Shirts.  We’ll get em next year.

Thursday, June 4


Golden State

9:00 PM ABC