What’s New – May 31, 2015


Alvin Gentry accepted the job with the New Orleans Pelicans last night.  This will be his fourth stop on the NBA coaching carousel.    His greatest accomplishment is taking over the Suns and getting to the WCF with MVP Nash and a guy called Stat. Most recently he has been assisting and mentoring Steve Kerr in Golden State.  He’ll be the front man in trying to convince Anthony Davis to accept a 140 million dollar offer this summer.  Davis will more than likely decline the offer and look forward to Restricted Free Agency next year.   There is a lot of chatter from the beat reporters that Davis is not long for the Big Easy.   

New Orleans will be under a lot of pressure to compete this year.  Their window to compete isnt 10 years it is actually three years.   In today’s NBA players can and will decide their own destiny.  They will not stick with a moribund franchise that is just losing for the sake of accumulating more draft picks and switching coaches every 2 or three years.   I think there will be so much money in the upcoming salary structure that top level Free Agents will be more willing to put their destiny in their own hands and sign shorter deals with franchises they trust in towns the want to be.  I’m talking about the cream of the free agent class so don’t get this comment twisted.   Players at the top of the food chain can and should have more movement in the next three years than at any time in NBA history.

As far as the Knicks, there is a lot of talk about trading down in the lottery in order to accumulate players and picks.  My minimum acceptable offer for the 4 pick is : a 2015 first in the 5-12 range and a young controllable player with potential plus another asset.  the later the pick the better the player needs to be.  I think this is more than reasonable to move into the FOUR spot.  If some team really likes a player they are going to have to move up to get them.  There is talk of Danny Ainge being enamored with Willie Cauley Stein.  Not much I really want on that Celts roster and I dont think they need to get to 4 to assure themselves of Stein. But surely they need to be at 6.    We should see a bunch of shuffling when the Draft finally happens in 25 days.


Im officially lowering the LaMarcus Aldridge to the Knicks meter to 29% from 35% .  I just feel that since getting the 4th position in the lottery the Knicks have so many more ways to go in building around Melo.  So the odds of the Knicks going after Aldridge have to come down.