What’s New – Nov. 30, 2015


Very frustrating to be up double digits and not be able to close out a win.

Knicks now ride a four game losing streak into Wednesday with a date against the winless Sixers at home.

call it protecting fish.. call it blind faith in phil but i am at peace with this team.. i love porzongis and what he’s going to bring to this team over the next decade..I feel like we are at the start of a great period for this team.

coaches were hired to be fired and if we have to jump on the coaching carousel again at some point it’s not the end of the world but everyone is learning how to win in new roles right now..

patience should be expected. i get that people want to blame the coach. that’s the easiest thing to do.. yeah sure there are decisions that look questionable.. happens with every coach..calling for fish’s head is way way premature in my opinion.. but y’all are free to call for it if you want.. it wont make a hill of difference in the grand scheme of things. talk about winning an extra game or three or whatever. that’s all conjecture.

Call for the coach’s head but give a PLAN to hire a new coach who wont be right on the same carousel.


PERSONALLY the only coaching change I would support would be for PHIL to take over the reigns with FISH as an assistant.