What’s New – Sep. 30, 2015

The second option on this team is AA to start with zinger in training..  AA is more than capable of 15-17 on just a few shots and Coach FISH will be getting him about 14 a game — About where he was when he scored near 18 points per game.

Zinger looks to have at least one unguardable shot.  The Set Shot.  The Man is a legit seven foot three and has such a high release I dont think many in the league can block it.  If Zinger can Hit 35% on his threes he’ll be a legit force and put up buckets.

Like I’ve said before, I’m not worried about Offense and scoring.  We have Melo.  A healthy Melo means we will score points.  This team needs to be top third defensively to have a chance to shock the world.   The real question is whether Fisher is up to the task of leading this team to the promised land.

This whole scorer thing is getting a bit overblown. Let’s let the season play out and see who develops into what. Afflalo averaged 17.4 ppg in Orlando on 14 shots. I’m sure that he will start the season out getting the second most shots on the team. Calderon and Rolo will chip in 10 per game. Grant and Porzingis will need to find their place in the hierarchy of shots per game. No way to predict that.

What we really need, ala our 54 win season,, is guys being efficient. Before that season, who knew that Prigioni, Copeland, and Novak would become solid options with a limited number of shots. You just have to wait and see what happens.


Derrick Rose broke a bone in his face.  He is expected to be reevaluated but could be out an extended time period.  We saw Westbrook play with a mask for a short period.  Question is can Rose do the same.  Ex Knick Iman Shumpert messed up his hand in some way that will require surgery.  Another injury for Shump and Rose makes a strong case for “injury prone” being an actual thing.