I still don’t know whether Fisher is actually a good or God awful coach. It was so distorted from a myriad of factors, a realistic analysis is not even applicable.
Ultimately, Phil held himself accountable for the results.

That said, Phil has relatively, bounced back, with an ok off-season. Fiscally finding and drafting enough 2-way talent to compete, around his star Carmelo Anthony and rising talent, 7-3 Kristap Porzingis.

I particularly like the size and age of the team.
A tall squad with an average height of 6′ 9″ and age of 27 years old,  the Knicks should inject some mental consternation for any team 
and be a physical challenge with their height and youthful defense.

The schedule will be tough and I definitely expect it to be a mean slog,  but Fisher will have a team out there and should be able to prove his worth in spite of it.