L.SWITCH – Karl Anthony Towns..vs..Andre Drummond


Karl Anthony Towns   /   Andre Drummond


Since it’s expected that the Knicks may be landing Greg Monroe I thought it would be a
good idea to compare his current front court mate (Drummond) to a potential new front court teammate(Towns). I know Drummond is one of the best centers in the NBA and shouldn’t be compared to some kid in college but I gonna do it anyway.
Drummond is a weak offensive player who gets by on his strength and wingspan mostly. I assumed that his athleticism was his main strength until I took a closer look at the big man. His vertical leap is a not too shabby but not too impressive at 33.5 inches. At 6’11 that’s not bad at all but then you see him play and wonder how in hell does he makes such ferocious dunks and blocks. Well his wingspan is a ridiculous 7.6.25. That’s insane! Then you look at his build and consider how strong he must be and things start to make sense. At the combine he did 10 reps of 185lbs. So brute strength and wingspan is the key to his NBA success. Drummond is averaging 13pts and 13 rebs per game with 1.8blks. He’s not the smartest defender or even the best but he is a big body that makes some difference on that end blocking shots.
So can Towns have an NBA career that’s even remotely close to 13pts 13rebs and 1.8blks? I think so. I always rave about his ability to rebound in traffic which is what Drummond also does very well. I don’t expect Towns to grab 13 boards per game but 9 isn’t out of the question for year one. The 13 points should come easily as Towns has a more polished offensive game than Drummonds. The real question is how close is he to Drummond as an athlete.
Towns doesn’t have the wingspan that Drummond has. Towns has a 7’31/4” wingspan compared to Drummond’s unrealistic 7’6” wingspan. Side note(Okafor 7’5” wingspan).
The 7 foot Towns has an impressive 36’1/2” vertical leap compared to Drummond’s 33.5”. He has a quick jump off the ground which is why he 1.Jumps for opening tip despite the taller WCS being available and 2. Why he grabs so many nice boards in traffic.
There is no telling just how strong Towns is but I will assume he’s not nearly as strong as Drummond. He does have the kind of body that can fill out on the next level. Towns also has huge feet at 22” which helps with anchoring himself in the post. I would say they are both very good athletes with no huge advantages either way.
So let’s look at how they matched up as college prospects.
Drummond per 40 in college: 14.1pts 10.6rebs 3.8blks FT29% FG53%
Towns per 40 in college: 19.5pts 12.7rebs 4.4blks FT81% FG56%
So as first year college players they are very comparable statistically.
This doesn’t mean that Towns will be a better NBA player(He may though) but it shows how both had similar transferable skills with the most noticeable one being rebounding. Towns is one of the better traffic rebounders I have seen in college.
I think Towns will fill that void left by Drummond if he teams with Monroe in NY. If not now then eventually and maybe even in a better way.



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