What’s New – Aug. 31, 2015


New York State of Mind


Knicks top pick Kristaps Porzingis is spending the summer in the NYC area training and getting to know his surroundings.  It’s great to see the 19 year old Latvian dropping Instagrams with the fans and in the gym.

The kid’s shoulders don’t look as gangly and you can clearly see definition in his upper arms.   And KP isn’t a chicken leg that’s for sure.   One thing I was sourced by in summer league was his coordination.  He seems comfortable at his size operating anywhere on the court.

As I get to know Zinger I am more and more happy to have him on our team going forward.



working out with @porzingis this morning! 🔶🔷 cant wait for our brother @mporzingis to get here!

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got to meet and hang out with the biggest knicks fan @spikeleenyc in brooklyn today! 🔶🔷

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good feeling sitting in the cold tub after a great day of work! #orangeandblue 🔶🔷

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