What’s New – Oct. 30, 2015

Very simply the Knicks did not control the flow of the game and allowed the speedy combination of Shroder and Teague to penetrate and dish all night.  Kyle Korver did what Korver does and hit threes all night off big time screens.  It didnt look like the Knicks switched once and relied on Sasha getting over screens and hopefully Korver going cold – never happened.  It seemed the refs were calling every foul on the Knicks and the Hawks had carte blanche to hack Knick bigs all game.  But you cant blame the refs.  Knicks got to within ten a few times but this game was out of reach for most of the night.    I suspect once Arron Afflalo comes back Gallo will join the starting back court as Calderon’s role needs to be reduced to 10 minutes a game.  Critically I would have liked to see more Cleanthony Early but I doubt that would have made a difference.

Next up is the Wiz on Halloween.