What’s New – Oct. 31, 2015

This Summer I thought Calderon would be a rotation player adding three point shooting and ball security in limited minutes coming back from an injury riddled season.  We all knew his defense would be sketchy at best but I thought if he can give us “Steve Novak type” contributions over the season he’ll add value.  That may still be the case.

After starting Calderon all preseason Coach FISH decided to give the veteran the start against the Milwaukee Bucks.  The team won by 25 with Calderon playing 18 minutes and recording 4 personal fouls.  His defense was as awful as it has always been but the Milwaukee guards are horrible shooters.  A bunch of guys scored in double digits and the Knicks ran away with it.

Everyone knew the Hawks guard tandem of Teague and Shruuder would pose a big problem for the slow footed Spaniard.  The two lightning quick guards responded by shooting 13-23 for 36 points.  In fairness neither Jerian Grant nor Lang Galloway had an answer for the Atlanta point guards.

I cant blame FISH for starting Calderon against the Hawks after the big win in Milwaukee.  But after his performance in the second quarter I dont know why he was starting the third quarter.  AT LEAST Fisher should have employed some old fashioned switches but I fear that wouldn’t have helped.   In the end of the game Gallo was on the court and I expect at the start of the Wizards game Galloway will be the starter.   Yes it’s only game three but Fisher needs to make adjustments post haste.

It’s time for Calderon to step aside and it’s time for Langston Galloway to take his spot in the starting lineup.  I get that FISH likes the synergy between Grant and Gallo but maybe Early can get some more burn on the second unit and fill lanes on the break.

At some point this year Calderon will contribute but, as I’ve said, it will be in an off the bench, “Steve Novak like” role.  That role should develop once Afflalo gets back from injury.  THe injury has been described as a “mild” strain of the hamstring and he is expected to be out two weeks.  No idea when those two weeks started  LOL..

Happy Halloween.. Let’s Go Mets and Knicks.!!!